How Much Does Power Washing Cost in Orlando FL

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How Much Does Power Washing Cost in Orlando FL

Orlando is where everything happens in Florida. It’s the state largest tourist area, one of the fastest-growing cities, and is home to amazing food, and the biggest attractions, Disney World and Universal. These things make Orlando, FL a great place to live. But, there is one major thing that is not awesome, mildew and algae! Orlando has relatively high humidity, which creates a perfect breeding ground for unsightly green stuff to grow on your home, business, concrete, and even roof. Take a look at How Much Does Power Washing Cost in Orlando FL to learn some insight before you decide to hire.

Power washing services in Orlando can be labor-intensive and if not completed correctly can create serious damages. If you have read to this point, you are most likely looking for a professional power washing company in Orlando, FL, and you may have some questions, which we’re more than happy to answer for you:

  • How much will it truly cost for power washing in Orlando FL?
  • What factors influence the cost of Orlando power washing?
  • What factors determine why certain power washing companies are higher priced than others in Orlando, FL?

How much does it truly cost for power washing in Orlando FL?

Occasional power washing can be performed on several items:

  • Residential Homes
  • Concrete
  • Roofs
  • Decking

Typically, you can anticipate to spend anywhere from $200 up to several thousand dollars on your power washing and exterior cleaning in Orlando FL.

How much will house power washing cost in Orlando FL?

Orlando House power washing will normally start around $250 and can range up to $2850, depending on size, square footage, materials, and property access. Many typical vinyl siding Orlando homes will cost between $0.12-$0.35/square foot for a total of $250-$600. In addition, stucco and brick homes are the highest cost to pressure wash in Orlando. Most stucco and brick homes will cost $0.20-$0.60/square foot, for an average total of $350-$1200.

Factors That influence the cost of house pressure washing

Homes come in all shapes and sizes in central Florida, ranging from vinyl homes to stucco one. The first factor that greatly impacts the price is the square footage. In addition, many power washing contractors in Orlando price by the square foot and obtain this info via county or real estate sites

How much will concrete power washing cost in Orlando FL?

Power washing your concrete is one of the best, most cost-efficient task you can do for your Orlando Florida home. Orlando concrete power washing increases safety and boosts your homes curb appeal! Lets take a look into the cost.

  • Residential driveway and patio pressure washing will cost an average of $0.18-$0.30/square foot.
  • Most standard 2-car driveways will cost between $150-250.
  • Small patio pressure washing will typically range from $75-$150.

Factors That influence the cost of concrete power washing

Fortunately, there are fewer items that influence the cost of your concrete power washing. In addition, Orlando Concrete cleaning is pretty straightforward and normally carries less risk than other types of power washing. Also, size is definitely the biggest cost factor.

How dirty the concrete is will most likely affect the price of your Orlando power washing project. Extremely dirty concrete could take several applications of cleaning solution proceeded by surface cleaning to effectively break down the growth.

How much does roof pressure washing (softwashing) cost in Orlando FL?

Typically, almost all Orlando homeowners will spend between $600-$1500 on roof power washing (softwashing) in the Orlando area. In addition, prices could be upwards of several thousand dollars for really large and extremely complex roofs.

  • Orlando Roof pressure washing typically costs $0.35-$0.60/square foot.

Factors That influence the cost of roof pressure washing (soft washing)

Orlando Roof pressure washing (soft washing) can make the difference from your home looking great or looking like it is in disarray. Orlando roof cleaning provides the look of a brand-new roof for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Also, it is the most expensive and potentially dangerous Orlando pressure washing service you can have done at your property. Several factors can influence the cost.

Size is the major influence in cleaning your Orlando roof. In addition, the pitch of your roof (how steep it is) also plays a huge part. Most importantly, steeper roofs cause more chemical runoff, more difficult access, and ultimately more cleaning solution to effectively clean. The higher the roof the more dangerous the cleaning work becomes. Some roofs may also require the use of an aerial lift to safely clean. Lifts can add $400-$1500 to a Orlando roof cleaning, varying on size and style.

What factors determine why certain power washing companies are higher priced than others in Orlando?

Like any service business, pricing will vary between Orlando pressure washing contractors. Some businesses will ultimately have higher overhead costs due to staff, insurance, workman’s comp, marketing, professional websites, uniforms and effective modern equipment.

Power washing companies start every day in Orlando. Unfortunately, an industry with a low barrier of entry can bring in fly-by-night, untrained, and uninsured companies. It is important to vet the business you hire. Most importantly, reviews are all telling; contractors with great reviews may not be the cheapest but often have the correct training, insurance, and customer service to provide you with a great power washing experience. Contact NRC Pressure Washing Today for a FREE no-obligation quote, call 863-280-3012 or click here —-> Contact Us.